Female Viagra and Female Sexual Dysfunction

Will Female Viagra cure everything?

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Female Viagra. It has become the El Dorado of the pharmaceutical world. The race is on to develop a drug to treat female sexual dysfunction - what many simply call "female Viagra". Millions of dollars are being poured into research in these area, and various experts are hyping the idea that half of all women suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction.

When Viagra was released in the late 90's it was the biggest thing to hit pharmaceuticals since penicillin. The media went mad, comedians had a field day, and men were busting themselves to get some.

The little blue pill that treats erectile dysfunction soon became shrouded in urban myth and sexual mystique. In modern folklore, Viagra is the ultimate aphrodisiac and fountain of youth. It doesn't matter how old you are, because Viagra lets you relive your youth. As long as you can get it up, you're never gonna die!

Since its release, millions of men have used it to cure their own sexual problems. Now the focus has turned to women.

Doctors are currently pushing the idea of "female sexual dysfunction" as a serious problem. The inability of a woman to either experience orgasm, become aroused, or even to enjoy sex, has become the latest problem that science is desperate to solve. 

Alas, it's not that simple.

Men have always had it easy. They can pee to stand up. Women are far more complicated.

Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis and enhancing the erectile tissue. Women's arousal and orgasms are a whole other matter, involving all the mental and physical aspects of sexuality.

Female viagra may not be the magical cure-all

Indeed, some feminists say it is simply medicalising what is essentially a relationship issue, and putting even more pressure on women to "perform" in bed. They question the statistics which would have half the female population in need of some kind of "cure." Perhaps, they say, if men would just bother to find the clitoris and let a woman relax, one wouldn't need female viagra.

Nonetheless, doctors and researchers are beavering away, trying to find the drug "holy grail" that is Women's Viagra. It could be that in a few years time, the pink pill will be a reality. 

Some women probably wouldn't mind a prescriptive pick-me-up, to add some spice to the bedroom. Libido after childbirth can be an issue, and lack of interest in sex can be a source of stress in a relationship. 

If you're looking for a medical answer to libido problems, you could try one of the topical creams on the market (like HerTurn and Viacreme) that have been proven to enhance the sexual experience for women.

Or you could just get hot and horny by looking at porn for women. Women's pornography has come a long way in recent years, and is well suited to the exploration of women's sexuality. Perhaps masturbation and a bit of imagination will do what medicine can never achieve. 

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