Dick Tricks

How can playing with your dick be an art form? Ask Puppetry of the Penis!

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Dick tricks. I love dick tricks. They are, quite simply, very funny. Sure, they're funny in a juvenile, stupid way, but that doesn't mean they're not a legitimate art form.

Dick tricks is another name for bending and stretching your penis into different shapes, often with a flourish and appropriate witty joke. 

It seems men have been secretly performing dick tricks for years, beyond the knowledge of women. They've been fiddling with themselves in the bathroom and in their bedrooms, and then they've taken these tricks into the locker room to impress the other blokes. And the other blokes have either shown off their own dick tricks, or they've gone home to practice.

Now dick tricking has become a worldwide phenomenon. Puppetry of the Penis is a stage show that basically involves two naked men manipulating their penises into shapes resembling hamburgers, baby birds, skateboards and the Eiffel Tower. 

It started as a calendar, became a comedy act at the Melbourne comedy festival, evolved into a shambolic tour of Australia, and then featured at the Edinburgh comedy festival. After that it went big time, receiving rave reviews at London's West End and running for months on Broadway in New York.

It seems that men have been secretly performing dick tricks for years...

The show is performed by Simon Morley and David Friend (Friendy), the original dick trickers. However, growing global demand has meant that franchised versions of the show have started to appear. To create multiple Puppetries of the Penis, Morley and Friend conducted auditions and asked prospective performers to show off an array of dick tricks. Those lucky enough to pass the audition then have the perhaps enviable position of earning money by pissfarting around naked in front of hundreds of people. For them, it's a dream career.

Dick Trick Instructions
The Helicopter
1. Stand with feet apart.
2. Grab penis by base.
3. Swing around violently in a clockwise direction.
4. Make witty remark about how it's enough to make a black hawk go down.

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For The Girls has an amazing interview with two Australian performers from Puppetry of the Penis. Click here to see the dick trick that's too rude for the stage show!

Puppetry of the Penis was also featured in the hilarious documentary Tackle Happy.

Puppetry of the Penis official site.

Dick Tricks
is a women's site that features naked men doing dumb things with their dicks.

For The Girls has an amazing interview with two of the hunky Australian performers. Want to know how they warm up for a show? Want to know which question people most ask afterwards? And want to see the dick trick that was too "Amsterdam-ish" to include in the show?
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Want to learn all the dick tricks?

"I didn't know men's genitals could be so thrilling without a vat of wine and disco lighting"

"Oh my goodness I'll never leave the house again"

"The most astonishing self-help book ever penned."

"Now my Swedish dick tricks are the talk of the town... thank you Puppetry of the Penis!"

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