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Are You Up for Backdoor Shenanigans?

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Anal Sex is one of the few "everyday taboos" in a world where sex is discussed in every detail. While vast numbers of people engage in it, it's still seen as naughty, beyond the pale, and even downright sinful by some members of society.

Anal sex is vastly popular in mainstream porn, where women are able to "take it up the ass" without blinking, and it may surprise you to discover exactly how many men are particularly keen to try it. For women, though, it can be a worrying thought. The anus is not really designed to accept large objects, and anal sex can easily be a painful experience.

Nonetheless, anal sex can provide an excellent opportunity to explore your sexuality, to attune yourself to pleasure, and to enhance intimacy in a relationship. Anal sex can in fact be a way of bonding a couple together, especially if regular sex has become a little pedestrian.

If you're not into it, just say no. That's all there is to it. It's your body and you are entitled to say no.

If, however, you like the idea of trying backdoor shenanigans, there's a few things to remember.

1. Lubrication. Use more than you think you need. As I said before, the bum is not really meant to have anything shoved into it, so lube really helps.

It may surprise you to discover exactly how many men are keen to try anal sex. 2. Relaxation. Your partner has to remember he can't just stick it in there. You need to be eased into it. He should manually stimulate the outside of your anus, and it helps if you're sexually aroused already. You have to loosen the anal sphincter to allow the penis to enter, so it will help for him to insert his finger first to "open you up".

3. Slow, slow, slow. This is a delicate area, so if he thinks he's about to get into an "anal pounding" like in a porn movie, stop him. He has to penetrate slowly, and move slowly once he's in there.

4. Cleanliness. Your rectum can harbour some nasty bacteria, so do not allow him to penetrate your vagina once he has performed anal sex. It's a good idea to wash your hands before you head around the front again.

5. Safe Sex. Don't need to tell you, remember the condoms (and the lube!!)

If you want to know more about anal sex for women, read Tristan Taormino's great book: Guide to Anal Sex for Women.

There's more info on anal sex at Sensual Couples, an adult site for women with plenty of interesting articles.

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What is Your Anus Trying To Tell You?

Anal Pleasure and Health: A Guide for Men and Women by Jack Morin

"This book is indispensable reading for anybody thinking of exploring anal eroticism in any or all of its forms. Unlike some writers, Morin spends as much time focusing on using fingers, tongues and toys as he does on intercourse, and he emphasizes becoming comfortable with your body and finding out what (if any) forms of anal stimulation *you* enjoy, rather than making yourself feel inadequate for failing to meet external 'goals'." - reviewer

Also features a well researched section on health, including constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and haemorrhoids.

 A very useful beginners book for those looking to find out more about anal sex.

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