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There's just not enough oral sex on women!

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When oral sex is performed on a woman it is called cunnilingus. If you didn't know this, perhaps you're not getting enough!

Statistics reveal that women give oral sex far more often than they receive it. There are numerous reasons behind this fact. The obvious is that there are plenty of men out there who don't want to do it. Some see it as an act of submission or a threat to their masculinity (this attitude was highlighted on an episode of the popular mafia TV show The Sopranos). Other men may be worried about technique, or - god forbid - taste and smell.

At the same time, many women are scared to have oral sex performed on them, mainly due to concerns that their genitals are unattractive. Popular culture tends to reinforce the idea that the vulva is a dirty place, and this can make some women very nervous about the idea of a man sticking his tongue in there.
Nonetheless, most women would agree that it's worth the effort to overcome any concerns about oral sex, because it's one of the best ways to enjoy sex and create intimacy with a lover. Women give oral sex far more often than they receive it...

Many men are also huge fans of oral sex on women. One has said that learning to like cunnilingus is similar to learning to like beer. It can be an acquired taste that's always worth it in the end.

If you're after oral sex tips or information about oral sex technique, you might want to visit The Cunnilingus Site. There's also plenty of oral sex facts and info on this page.

Pure Cunnilingus is an adult site for women that celebrates oral sex, with oral sex galleries, stories, trivia, articles, movies and heaps more.

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Oral Sex Trivia

Which mint is recommended for intense cunnilingus?
Which male celebrity said "Man, I ain't into that!" when asked about oral sex?
Which Madonna song praises oral sex?
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