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Sex Stories often rate ahead of explicit photos when it comes to what women want to see in their erotica.

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Sex stories. It seems that women just can't get enough of them. Sex stories are some of the most sought after things on the internet, and they have long been popular with female readers. Erotica for women often makes heavy use of the sex story. Fiction seems to be the thing that really fires up our engines. And Lord knows it can be a pleasurable thing to indulge in pure fantasy, to create scenarios, to imagine our perfect man, giving us the perfect orgasm.

Sex stories do require a bit more time, and a bit more build up than simply looking at erotic pictures. Do we simply prefer to take our sweet time about getting horny? Or does fiction allow our imaginations to expand, and to take us in directions we never expected to go? Without doubt, erotic fiction makes up a significant amount of online erotica for women.

I've often heard the phrase "women aren't visual". I know from personal experience, and from a career in erotica for women that women DO enjoy looking at sexually explicit photos, and they DO become easily aroused. Indeed, recent studies into arousal have shown that most women will get turned on by a porno movie, no matter what the content.

Nonetheless, sex stories remain a favourite. In the publishing world, entire series of erotic fiction books sell almost as well as that old standard, romantic fiction. Titles like Black Lace remain perennial favourites with female page turners.

Do sex stories just let us take our sweet time to get horny?

A number of anthologies containing women's sex stories have proven to be very popular. These include Best Women's Erotica and the Herotica series (Herotica 6 - A new collection of Women's Erotica) both edited by Marcy Sheiner, and Brown Sugar - A collection of erotic Black Fiction edited by Carol Taylor.

Online, the ranks of sex story sites are growing. Many sex story sites are intended for men, and some of the writing is downright atrocious.

You might want to visit Erotic Story Vault. This is a mainstream story site, but you also get access to Womens Porno so it's worth checking out. 

You'll find quality sex stories written by women for women on some premium AVS sites, such as Pure Cunnilingus, which features a number of oral sex themed stories and a choose your own sex adventure, along with plenty of photos.

Sex stories for women can be difficult to come by (as it were) but they are out there.

Sex Stories currently featured at For The Girls: 
*Brushes of Desire - an artist makes love to his nude model
*Zac's Lesson - an older woman seduces a male virgin
*When We Finally Meet - an erotic meeting of cyberfriends 
*The Metronome - the endless rhythm enhances her desire...
*Moonspell - Roman master dominates lowly slave
+ plenty more
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