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Female sexual fantasies has long been a taboo topic. Indeed, it wasn't until the mid 70s that Western society even acknowledged that women had sexual fantasies, mainly thanks to the pioneering research by Nancy Friday. Her book My Secret Garden featured interviews with everyday women, each describing her various sexual imaginings.

My Secret Garden was a shock to many people - both men and women. Men had assumed that women were asexual creatures who wouldn't dream of thinking naughty thoughts in bed. And women were stunned to realize they weren't the only ones having dirty ideas.

Friday's book revealed an entire pantheon of women's sexual fantasies. Her two subsequent books, Forbidden Flowers and Women on Top, added to the list. The fantasies cover such broad territory, it can be difficult to categorize them. However, here's a small list of the most popular ones:

1. Sex with a stranger.
2. Men in uniform
3.Dominition of other, or by others
4. Having sex in front of an audience
5. Group sex
6. Two men at once

Interestingly, a lot of women talked about non-consensual sex. A rape fantasy may ring alarm bells, but rest assured, it's not really about being raped. No woman wants to be forced in real life. In fantasy, however, non-consensual sex is a means of removing guilt and inhibition. This fantasy is really about being forced into pleasure, rather than sex. It's about someone MAKING you come, whether you want it or not. Obviously this is hugely different to real rape.

Nancy Friday's book makes for very erotic reading. I recommend it. 

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