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Books for good sex:

The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know
by Mantak Chia (Editor)
From the bestselling authors of The Multi-Orgasmic Man comes an extraordinary new book for couples. You and your partner will discover how to have multiple whole-body orgasms and how to reach ever more fulfilling levels of intimacy and ecstasy together.
Men and women have different sexual energies--and too often this leads to disharmony in the bedroom, preventing us from fully exploring our sexual potential. The Multi-Orgasmic Couple shows how to create the ultimate sexual harmony between lovers.  

Extended Massive Orgasm
by Steve and Vera Bodansky
In this hands-on guide to getting it right, behavioral scientists Steve and Vera Bodansky describe how to give and receive remarkable orgasms, taking the experience of sex to a new level of enjoyment. Focusing primarily on women but addressing the needs of men as well, they cover anatomy in detail, address inhibitions and fears, suggest useful exercises, recommend the best positions, and most of all offer insightful advice for every technique covered.

Books about masturbation and anatomy:

First Person Sexual: Women and Men Write About Self Pleasuring
by Joani Blank (ed)
In First Person Sexual, Joani Blank has collected 43 accounts by men and women of masturbation experiences, many of them the first time they "got off," that is, had an orgasm.

The Clitoral Truth : The Secret World at Your Fingertips
by Rebecca Chalker, Fish (Illustrator)
This highly informative tour of the clitoris is written with the clarity, exuberance, and accessibility of a sexuality workshop. Growing out of the author's work as a member of the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers, the study begins by debunking myths and inaccuracies and replacing them with anatomically precise detail. Containing personal accounts, comprehensive illustrations, and a thorough appendix of female sexuality resources, the book will help women and their partners understand and expand their sexual interests and potential for pleasure.

More Joy: An Advanced Guide to Solo Sex
by Harold Litten
More than one hundred stories and testimonies from men who enjoy sharing the most intimate details of their solo sex lives with appreciative readers.

Guides to adult products:

Good Vibrations Guide to Adult Videos
by Cathy Winks
Don't be overwhelmed by the hundreds of adult videos at your local video store -- make an educated selection with the help of The Good Vibrations Guide: Adult Videos. Check out X-rated classics, porn from a woman's perspective, high-quality acting, superior plots and cinematography, notable stars, directors and more. Over 100 capsule reviews, a riveting history of porn and censorship battles, interviews with industry insiders, a thorough resource list, and tips on watching -- by yourself or with a lover -- make this the essential video viewing companion.

Couples Guide to the Best Erotic Videos
by Steve Brent
This user-friendly guide takes all the guesswork and embarrassment out of choosing an erotic film. The Brents viewed hundreds of erotic tapes, and their discoveries are here to be shared, along with their mistakes that need not be repeated. With humor and sensitivity, the authors provide tips on getting in and out of the video store fast, a resource directory of where to find the best tapes, and more.

Books about having sex with men:

How to Seduce a Man and Keep Him Seduced
by Laurie Sue Brockway
A former editor-in-chief of Playgirl offers a book designed to bring out the goddess in every woman. This unique, non-manipulative approach shows women how to combine feminine magic and allure with their own personalities in a way that can lead to a truly delicious and satisfying relationship.  

How to Be a Great Lover : Girlfriend-To-Girlfriend Totally Explicit Techniques That Will Blow His Mind
by Lou Paget
Paget (a woman) aims "to empower you as a woman, heighten the intimacy of your romantic relationship, and enable you and your partner to enjoy yourselves in intense new ways." She lives up to that promise with this friendly, titillating, educational, and explicit guide to enlivening your sex life and keeping your man coming back for more.

If you're after some raunchier reading with pictures...

There are a growing number of erotic fiction adult sites available, some of which will appeal to women. Smut for Women recommends...

Smut Erotica - great name... this tour of this site is aimed at men, which can be a little off-putting, but rest assured, you'll enjoy the thousands of erotic stories available inside, along with the plethora of hardcore that goes with it. You also get free membership to Just for Ladies and 40 other adult sites.

Erotic Story Vault - the best thing about this site is that a $2.95 membership gives you free entry into 21 other sites, including Womens Porno, which represents excellent value. I've been a member, and I particularly enjoyed the illustrated stories which are exclusively written to fit individual photo series. The combination of imagination and sexy picture is very erotic.

Erotic Fiction for Women

Best Women's Erotica
by Marcia Sheiner (ed)
Although there is plenty of frivolous, one-handed reading in this year's edition, many of the pieces included have the hallmarks of literary fiction; they are not merely about a sexual event, but offer a revelation of character through that event. Even the simplest and most graphic stories here can surprise the reader with their casual illuminations.

Bedtime Stories for Lovers
by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
From the renowned author of Nice Couples Do and Come Play with Me comes a wildly romantic collection of 25 sensuous bedtime stories guaranteed to keep consenting adults awake into the wee hours of the night.

Herotica 6 - A new collection of Women's Erotica
by Marcia Sheinar (ed)
The sixth anthology of erotic fiction edited by Sheiner continues the recent tradition of writing and evaluating pornography from a female perspective, welcome reading to anyone who finds such an approach interesting or important. This time out, Sheiner has chosen to concentrate on partnerships, and in her introduction she explains that her concern was to provide an answer for the inevitable question: So how do women keep sex alive in committed relationships?

Brown Sugar - A collection of erotic Black Fiction
by Carol Taylor (ed)
"In Brown Sugar we're here to represent, to show the real souls of black folk, our own particular ardor and passion." The stories span the spectrum of sexuality from straight to gay, with some kinky stuff thrown in. None of the entries are pornographic, though graphic depictions of sex abound. The best of the stories, like Diane Patrick's "Never Say Never," explore the emotional as well as sexual aspects of the erotic; readers may learn more about themselves as they explore the erotic imaginations at work in this book.

Sex Fantasy Stories is an AVS site featuring stories written exclusively for women. Make love to Greek gods, imagine yourself as a slave seduced by a Roman master...

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