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Looking for Love?
Meet heaps of interesting men at Adult Love Line.
No need to worry about how you look when you're chatting over the internet! Let him get to know the REAL you first!

Sex Toy of the Month

Deep Space Probe
It's not use Cap'n! I canna give er any more! She'll blow! Explore worm holes and unknown regions with this snazzy vibe. Smooth, muti-functional hi-tech handle, with push button switch for complete versatility. 2AA batteries required.

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Domesticated Men - Naked men doing the housework!

Female Fantasies - indulge your imagination

Naked Men News - articles and info about naked men

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Dick Tricks
Puppetry of the Penis really is an art form! Learn why (and how!)

The Hidden Stiff
Why are erections still considered to be obscene?

Faking It
Still faking orgasms? You're not alone.

Big Black Dicks
Are black men's penises really bigger?

The Moonlit Butt Shot
A look at full frontal male nudity in film.

Male Strippers
What's the appeal?

CFNM and Male Strip Shows
Why CFNM is so popular

Female Viagra and FSD
There's still no little pink pill for libido-less women. Why?

Our Secret Gardens of Desire
Find out the top six female sexual fantasies.

Backdoor Shenanigans
Are you up for anal sex?

Can You Squirt?
Female ejaculation is still a medical mystery, but everyday women can learn how to do it!

The Lowdown on Going Down
Learn why women receive less oral sex than men.

Why are Sex Stories so Popular?
Women just can't get enough of sex stories...

Housework in the Nude
A few thoughts on housework, and the doing of household chores nude...

Sex Toy Reviews
We check out the Eroscillator and the Natural Contours Vibrator.

Great Sex Books
Manuals, guides and hot fiction!

Sex Positions Guide

Male Centerfolds here.
Sexy Couples here.

Sealed Section
Visit our sealed section for centrefolds, erotic fiction, advice on sex positions and women's erotica.

Sex for women site For The Girls

Do you prefer naked men or couples photos?
Whatever you desire, you'll find it at For The Girls Ezine and Erotica for Women
Thousands of photos, movies, erotic fiction, sex advice, articles, columns, games and more
Click here to indulge your fantasies at For The Girls
Why do I recommend it? Because I own it!!! So you know you're going to get REAL erotica for women!

Recommended book:

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex : Secret Sealed Seductions for Fun Loving Couples
by Laura Corn
Once a week, according to 101's instructions, each lover picks a sealed page (with scenarios such as "Up Against the Wall," "Angel with a Lariat," "Fire down Below," and "Point of No Return") and tears it out of the book, keeping it a secret. Follow the scenario and, throughout the week, expect any number of erotic surprises.

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