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The Eroscillator
A recent addition to the vibrator market is the Eroscillator. This electrically-powered device oscillates from side to side, instead of vibrating up and down, and the makers claim this action creates better orgasms, faster. As it oscillates 3,600 times a minute, it's easy to imagine the benefits.

The main marketing point of the Eroscillator is that it is a full-blown electrically powered "massager" that is purely intended for sexual use. All other electric vibrators are marketed as muscle massagers, and may not necessarily be the best thing to put near your rude bits. Thus, this vibrator is lighter and more flexible, but far sturdier than any adult-shop-type vibrator. It never runs out of batteries, comes with 5 attachments, all designed to stimulate the genitals, and even has its own instruction book on how to produce orgasms with the device. The Swiss company that designed it apparently spent 7 million dollars creating it!

This thing was definitely designed by someone who knew what they were doing!

The makers conducted a study comparing their design with the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Prelude III, and the Eroscillator. The 30 participants reported faster and more intense orgasms when compared with the other vibrators. Dr Ruth has personally recommended its use in sex therapy.

I knew Dr Ruth was right within two seconds of turning it on. This baby is a winner! The "grapes" head, which is clitoris-sized and features raised bumps, had me squirming in seconds. This thing was definitely designed by someone who knew what they were doing! I also found that, because the heads are quite small and stick out beyond the main section, it can easily be used during sex. So if you've never been able to come with him inside, here's your chance.

It's got three speeds, which means you can vary it according to how you're feeling. Unfortunately the speed switch, which is a sliding bar on the main handle, can be flipped a little too easily, which can be a distraction. Nonetheless, it's only a minor flaw.

The Eroscillator is not as cheap as your everyday sex shop vibrator, but, believe me, it's worth the effort. This thing will last you for years, and it's guaranteed to make you satisfied.

Natural Contours Vibrators
Candida Royalle, best known for her feminist porn films, recently created the Natural Contours vibrator, and proceeded to blow away the old penis-shaped vibrator mould forever. These curved devices are ergonomically designed to mould to the shape of the vulva (some have described it as resembling a Gillette lady shaver). Indeed, anyone finding it in the bedside drawer may be hard pressed to guess its purpose. 

There are four types of Natural Contours vibrators - the Petite, the Magnifique, the Superbe (shown above), and the Ultime. While the longer Magnifique version can be inserted, they are specifically designed for clitoral - and vulval - stimulation. The Ultime is a new model which is specially curved for insertion and G Spot stimulation. 

I tried the Superbe, and was generally happy with the results. Because the toy sits on top of your mound, your entire pubic area is stimulated. It made me aware of how much this part of our body is ignored during the rush for the clitoris. It's a different sensation but it does enhance the pleasure! The design also leaves your hands free, so you can use them elsewhere if you like.

These vibrators are battery powered, which, I must admit, was a disappointment after the mains-powered Eroscillator. Nonetheless, it produced good strong vibes that had me well on my way in a few moments. The Superbe has three speeds. Unfortunately, I found the highest speed to be quite noisy. It's hard to get in the mood when it sounds like there's a garden trimmer attacking your crotch. The lower speeds were OK, though, and did the job well.

All in all I recommend this vibrator. It's good to know that women's toys are finally moving away from their “penis substitute” image!

Reviews by Kayel, webmistress.

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Seduction Kit
Excite your lover! Seduce with the light touch of the feather and the finger stimulators. Use your imagination with the mini-massager or place a sleeve over it for a new sensation. Don't forget the beads for the ultimate climax.

The Accommodator
This interesting gadget must have been designed by a woman, because there's just no way a man could have thought of this... he would have said, "Hey, I won't look like my usual super-studly self wearing that..." But you gotta admit, it's a brilliant idea, and bound to make oral sex even better. Just make sure he doesn't forget he's wearing it and head off to work with it still attached.

Vibrating Panties
Imagine sitting at the table at your next formal occasion and being terribly distracted by your new buzzing underwear. Your man has the remote control and he's secretly using them under the table. All this and more could be yours with these fabulous buzzing panties! . Supple leather T-back panty encases vibrating bullet that is discreet and comfortable. Requires 2AA batteries (not included).

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