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Male strip clubs are still relatively rare, but increasingly women are seeking out erotic entertainment in the form of male strippers. A new craze known as CFNM or "clothed female naked male" is sweeping the western world.

CFNM sees hundreds of screaming women crowd into a room to ogle male strippers. But in this case it isn't the standard tease act without nudity. These male strippers take it all off. Full frontal male nudity is common at CFNM shows

And not only that, they often sport erections which the eager female audience members happily stroke and even suck. CFNM is usually a very "hands on" experience for both the strippers and the women watching.

The Serial Thrillas group is one of Europe's most popular CFNM male stripper troupes. Their act sees them touring Britain and the continent entertaining thousands of screaming ladies. The videos of their shows feature on the Serial Thrillas site.

In an interview with women's site For The Girls, stripper Iceman reveals that he is often "manhandled" during his performances - sometimes against the wishes of watching husbands. He has been known to give "private performances" after the show for eager female fans.
CFNM is now so popular it seems to be influencing women's behaviour. Recently a group of partying women in Israel found themselves in trouble when they mistook a policeman for the male stripper they'd ordered for the night. When the unfortunate police officer arrived to give them a noise abatement warning, he found himself surrounded by giggling, groping women, who did their very best to sexually harass him. The women were eventually charged with assault.

A group of partying women mistook a policeman for the male stripper they'd ordered for the night...

Male Strip Clubs tend to be rather wild places. It seems women feel powerful in these clubs - their sexuality is acknowledged, and they feel free to act on their desires, sometimes aggressively. There's a lot of drinking, yelling, groping and "letting loose", and - provided the male strippers don't object to the behaviour, it seems to be a good thing. Society so often tells women they must be quiet and submissive when it comes to sex. Male strip clubs prove otherwise. Women ARE visually stimulated, and male strippers are a perfect example of women taking charge of their libido and enjoying it.

Male Strippers - What's the appeal?


For The Girls has hilarious amateur strip search videos - we put the word out and they came, every day guys eager to show off their male stripper side.

PLUS, For The Girls has an interview with Iceman from Serial Thrillas and amazing CFNM videos. Not to mention all the naked men, couples photos, articles and erotic fiction.
Click here for a sample male stripper video!

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